Magician's Network

A place of secrets and mysteries.

Welcome all fellow magicians.

At this site, you will be surrounded by others who study the art of legerdemain.  You will be able to discuss illusions, share ideas, and perhaps learn a few tricks yourself.  This website is open to magicians of all ages, so be ready to experience a vast range of talent levels.  If you are interested in this site, also check out Evon: The Website,, or

You don't have to join to view most of the site, but membership is required to post in the forums and to see pages that reveal sleights or other techniques.  Please keep profanity and other such unnesessary explitives out of your posts and comments.  There may be younger members, please have respect for them. 

Remember, magic is about secrets, so while you can feel free to divulge yours, don't expect another member to divulge theirs.  Also, any secrets given on this website should be kept within the confines of this website. 



The forums page can only be used by registered users of Magician's Network.  With that said, please feel free to discuss just about anything you wish.  Just make sure it's in the appropriate forum. 

I must state again that these forums are viewable to all members.  If you wish to send another member a private message regarding a secret, that may be a much more secure way of revealing. 

To visit the forums page, click here

The Live Discussion forum is another option that is given on this site.  It is just as its name suggests: a place where you can have a live conversation with other magicians currently holding a membership to this site.  To utilize this live discussion forum click here

Learn Tricks

On this page, you can watch and learn a variety of tricks ranging from card tricks to levitation.  You can also learn the sleights necessary to perform them if you are a member.  Watch the video to see the trick, and then fill out the Request a Method form and I may show you how it's done.  To check out the many tricks and sleights you can learn, click here.  To request a method, click here


Here, I will announce new advancements and upcoming features of this site.  If anyone has anything to say about any of my ideas, they can post a comment.  To see anouncements, click here

Questions and Comments

On this page, anyone with a question about this site may post an entry.  Members or guests alike with suggestions, or inquiries can inform me of these on this page. 

 To ask me a question, click here

About the admin

I am an amature magician.  I taught myself many magic tricks from books and some of my own making.  I claim Cards as my specialty, but I am also fairly good with coins.  I do a lot of sleight of hand, but can always get better.  I'm hoping that through this website, we can all learn from each other and all become much better magicians.  If you wish to contact me, I can be reached via my profile.  Just send me a private message. 

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